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Recent news from Fresh Inset

The last weeks have been very intense at Fresh Inset. Apart from our regular business operations, we have joined a prestigious association, were distinguished in programs for the most innovative companies, and have traveled around Europe to strengthen our presence in the fresh produce and floral markets. We have also developed our test and trials program on various crops at the most important producer and consumer markets around the world. For example, very promising results on avocado shelf-life extension have been published recently – you can read more on that on our blog: Vidre+ effective in delaying the post-harvest ripening of avocado. Our Vidre+ technology is gaining more and more attention and is in the spotlight of our business partners and investors. 

Fresh Inset joins IFPA

As a company delivering game-changing technology for the fresh produce and floral business, we want to be at the forefront of driving these industries forward. That is why, we have recently joined IFPA (the International Fresh Produce Association), which is the largest and most diverse international association serving the entire fresh produce and floral supply chain. Through our partnership with IFPA, we strengthen our presence in the U.S. market and will tighten our relations with a diverse network of IFPA members.

Badge of proud member of International Fresh Produce Association

Fresh Inset with a certificate for the most innovative companies

Our brand has been distinguished as one of the most innovative in the Kuyavia-Pomerania region, where our Toruń-based HQ is located. Andrzej Wolan, our CEO, received the certificate this November from Piotr Całbecki, the marshal of the province. The idea of the “Leaders of Innovation of Pomerania and Kuyavia” awards is to promote companies from the region that are based on knowledge, innovation, and modern technologies, as well as to support innovative scientific and research ventures and cooperation between entrepreneurs and scientific units.

In the finals of the ING Poland program for the most innovative companies supporting the climate

Fresh Inset has made it to the finals of the ING Poland program distinguishing the most innovative companies that support the climate. Our Vidre+ solution for the shelf-life extension of fruits, vegetables, and flowers was chosen by the jury as one of the best in the food waste category. In this program, ING looks for the best solutions how to ensure sustainable consumption and production. We are proud to be among the 10 best ones.

Finalist of ING Program for startups supporting the climate

Fresh Inset team at the trade shows

The Q4 is also a time when one of the most prominent trade shows for fresh produce and floral industries take place. With their calendars booked with meetings, our team could not miss the opportunity to visit them. 

In October, we visited Fruit Attraction, one of the leading meeting points for the fruit and vegetable business community. We were amazed by the great variety of packaging presented during the event. We are happy to conclude that although there are lots of types of packaging, the solution to make them smart is only one – our Vidre+ technology. Thanks to it, fresh produce remains fresh for longer, with better appearance and quality, fighting food waste at the same time.

Fresh Inset team at Fruit Attraction trade show

In November, our CEO took part in International Floriculture Trade Fair, the top-notch fair trade for flower producers and growers held in Amsterdam. With our Vidre+ stickers being a perfect fit for the blooming flower market, the trade show was an opportunity to establish and bond business relations with flower producers from all around the world.

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