#Blog | 27 May 2024

Fresh Inset in the NEWS (May 2024)

We're pleased to share some highlights that gained international attention. International media have highlighted the Vidre+™ trial results on leafy greens. Fresh Inset has been listed on the FoodTech 500 list by Forward Fooding. Our CTO, Tim Malefyt shared his insights on Vidre+™ technology's role in combating food waste with Foodingredientsfirst.com, during Stop Food Waste Day. Foodtech-japan.com hosted a webinar with our COO, Krzysztof Czaplicki
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#Blog | 24 April 2024
Three Top Food Waste Solutions
Stop Food Waste Day is a good occasion to talk about food waste. We can fight this issue, from global solutions such as Fresh Inset’s Vidre+™, to reading expiration labels on products more carefully.
#Blog | 29 March 2024
Reviving Beauty: Vidre+™ extends the vase life of cut roses
Cut flowers, while enhancing our living spaces with beauty, often face quick deterioration and vase life. Vidre+™ technology from Fresh Inset has been shown to significantly extend the vase life of cut roses up to 10 days, with 50% remaining in excellent condition. This cutting-edge technology reduces waste in the floral industry and supports the floral business at every stage of the supply chain, contributing to solving broader agricultural industry challenges.
#Blog | 29 February 2024
Fresh Inset secures a spot in the FoodTech 500
Fresh Inset has been named among the innovative companies in the 2023 FoodTech 500 list by Forward Fooding, showcasing leaders from the food tech sector. This accolade is a tribute to the entire Fresh Inset team which is developing smart technology that may have significant contributions to tackling global food waste. Fresh Inset is driven by the purpose of battling food waste with Vidre+™ technology that protects the freshness & quality of fruits and vegetables.
#Press office | 15 February 2024
Leafy greens can last longer thanks to the stickers
Leafy greens are a common ingredient in many healthy meals. But, they often spoil during shipment or on the store shelf. This is part of a bigger problem of food waste. A recent study from a European food tech has shown that its technology can extend the shelf-life of arugula up to 24 days. This solution can impact not only leafy greens but also the fruit and vegetable industries, making a positive impact on the fight against food waste.
#Press office | 23 January 2024
Fresh Inset in the NEWS (January 2024)
Driven by the purpose of combating food waste with technology, Fresh Inset's efforts have earned widespread recognition. Discover how Fresh Inset's strides in advancing Vidre+™ technology are capturing global attention.
#Blog | 21 December 2023
Impact of Vidre+™ - key highlights of 2023
At Fresh Inset, we are driven to fight food waste and preserve produce freshness with Vidre+™ technology. In 2023, we revealed several findings that delivered promising results on how Vidre+™ technology impacts various kinds of fresh produce. Let's encapsulate them briefly.
#Blog | 30 November 2023
Freshness Preservation of Leafy Greens with Vidre+™ Technology
Research results from the University of Technology and Life Science (Bydgoszcz, Poland) on two species of Leafy Greens: Arugula and Spinach, highlighted Vidre+™ impact on protecting freshness within commercial packaging. Vidre+™ maintained Arugula's shelf-life and commercial value for up to 24 days of storage, and Spinach retained its commercial value for up to 10 days when treated with Vidre+™ stickers.
#Press office | 16 November 2023
Vidre+™ extends mushroom freshness and boosts commercial value
Food tech from Poland has a solution that can retain champignon freshness for 14 days. New trials commissioned by Fresh Inset indicated also that its technology slows down mushroom browning. This advancement may empower the industry to improve profitability by extending the shelf-life of fresh mushrooms. This technology can contribute to the global food waste battle.
#Press office | 30 October 2023
Fresh Inset in the NEWS (October 2023)
In recent months, the Fresh Inset efforts in advancing the Vidre+™ technology have once again garnered the attention of the media worldwide. Fresh Inset is driven by the purpose of combating food wastage with technology has been recognized by media around the globe. Here is a summary of recent noteworthy updates.
#Blog | 20 September 2023
Vidre+™ solution prolongs shelf life of champignon mushrooms, boosting commercial value
Mushrooms have now earned their place alongside fruits and vegetables that benefit from extended freshness thanks to Vidre+™ technology. In a recent scientific study, it was discovered that Vidre+™ effectively preserves the quality of sliced mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus) during storage.
#Press office | 11 September 2023
Interview with CEO of Fresh Inset - Andrzej Wolan
Courtesy of Zespół ING. Interview with CEO of Fresh Inset - Andrzej Wolan (originally in Polish) was published on the website spolecznosc.ing.pl. in June, 2023.
#Press office | 17 August 2023
Blueberries season could be longer thanks to this technology – trials suggest.
Blueberry harvesting is the full swing in Northern Hemisphere. The blue fruits business in both hemispheres may soon have an innovative tool for extending seasonality and reducing food waste. The results of trials conducted on blueberries after using innovative technology with a patented 1-MCP delivery system indicated a slower ripening effect. Treated blueberries kept very good eating quality and firmness for the full 49 days of the test.
#Press office | 27 July 2023
Fresh Inset in the NEWS
In Fresh Inset we are driven by the purpose of battling food waste. Our team is tirelessly working on developing the Vidre+ technology that protects the freshness of fruits and vegetables. Today, we would like to share key highlights from our recent activities & achievements with you.
#Blog | 10 July 2023
Sweet cherry freshness with Vidre+™ Technology
The latest scientific study confirmed the impact of Vidre+™ 1-MCP stickers on sweet cherries.
#Press office | 22 June 2023
Raspberries can last twice as long before going to waste.
After a few days on the shelf, raspberries are likely to join millions of tonnes of produce that are wasted every year. This unnecessary loss of food can be reduced thanks to technology. Food tech driven by the purpose of combating food waste, revealed trial results showing that raspberries treated with its solution can hold good eating quality for 20 days, even doubling the lifespan compared to untreated fruits.
#Blog | 31 May 2023
What is Vidre+™? Fresh Inset's Technology explained.
Fresh Inset's technology Vidre+TM What is Vidre+™? Fresh Inset's Technology explained. Tim Malefyt May 31, 2023 Food waste is a massive global problem related to human suffering, economic inefficiency and environmental issues. From an environmental perspective, food waste is globally considered to be the 3rd largest greenhouse gas emitter. In Fresh Inset, we are driven by the purpose of battling this issue. That is why we have developed effective and easy-to-use Vidre+™ technology which optimizes the freshness and quality of produce for retailers and final customers. Our estimates indicate that Vidre+™ could save up to 9,46 mln tonnes of fruits and vegetables annually.
#Press office | 26 April 2023
Revolutionizing the Food Industry: How Fresh Inset is Tackling Global Food Waste
April 25th, 2023 - The European food tech Fresh Inset has joined the global food waste battle. The company is bringing to the table an agile weapon - Vidre+™ stickers that could save the overwhelming amount of over 9 million tonnes of fresh produce annually. Technology provides freshness and shelf-life protection for most fresh fruits, vegetables, and even flowers. Global giants like Janssen PMP have already been testing the solution.
#Blog | 17 April 2023
Vidre+TM significantly slows down raspberry ripening
Raspberries are a popular fruit that are enjoyed around the world. One of the biggest challenges facing the raspberry market is the perishable nature of this crop, which can make it difficult to transport and deliver high quality berries to the consumer. With a growing demand for fresh and high-quality produce, farmers and producers are always looking for ways to extend the shelf life of raspberries. Fortunately, our recent pioneering research has shown that using Vidre+TM technology significantly protects raspberry freshness, quality and vitamin content, resulting in a longer shelf life and less food waste.
#Blog | 10 March 2023
International Lime Day: extend the shelf-life of limes with Vidre+
March 10th is International Lime Day. No matter if you are a lime grower, a retailer selling limes or a customer who loves those zesty fruits, the good news is that with our Vidre+ you can enjoy your best quality limes for a longer time. The trials that we successfully conducted with one of the U.S. top retailers showed that the application of Vidre+ technology extended the shelf life of limes up to more than 8 days by making the fruits less prone to yellowing. Read more about the test results in our blog article Vidre+ reduces lime fruit quality losses by more than a half.
#Blog | 07 March 2023
Can we extend the blueberry season with technology?
The blueberry business may soon have an innovative tool for extending the fresh fruit season. The results of trials conducted on blueberries after using Vidre+ stickers with a patented 1-MCP delivery system indicated a slower ripening effect. Treated fruits lost less weight and kept better eating quality and firmness for a longer time compared to untreated ones. Let’s take a deep dive into the details of recent findings of research led by Dorota Wichrowska, PhD from the Bydgoszcz University of Science and Technology.
#Blog | 31 January 2023
Fresh Inset and Janssen PMP, a division of Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, form partnership
Fresh Inset and Janssen PMP, a division of Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, one of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) have signed an Evaluation and Standstill Agreement to test and develop Fresh Inset's Vidre+ technology on fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants.
#Blog | 30 January 2023
Vidre+ extends the shelf-life of tomatoes
Trials conducted with Vidre+ technology demonstrate that the shelf-life and color evolution of tomatoes can be significantly delayed or influenced. The research shows that Vidre+ extends the shelf-life of tomatoes harvested at color stage 3-5 to 12-18 days after harvest. This was a full 4-8 days longer than untreated samples, which were too rotten to take further part in the study after 10 days at room temperature.
#Blog | 28 November 2022
Recent news from Fresh Inset
The last weeks have been very intense at Fresh Inset. Apart from our regular business operations, we have joined a prestigious association, were distinguished in programs for the most innovative companies, and have traveled around Europe to strengthen our presence in the fresh produce and floral markets. We have also developed our test and trials program on various crops at the most important producer and consumer markets around the world. For example, very promising results on avocado shelf-life extension have been published recently - you can read more on that on our blog: Vidre+ effective in delaying the post-harvest ripening of avocado. Our Vidre+ technology is gaining more and more attention and is in the spotlight of our business partners and investors.
#Blog | 08 November 2022
Vidre+ effective in delaying the post-harvest ripening of avocado
Usage of 1-MCP delivered via Vidre+ packaging stickers used postharvest on Hass avocado showed progressive dose response in ripening. Vidre+ supports retention of external fruit greenness by 30%+ as well as significantly improving firmness over time. These conclusions come from the trials carried out recently at the Horticultural Laboratory of the Universidad of Agraria La Molina (UNALM) in Peru.
#Blog | 27 September 2022
Vidre+ significantly improves value at each link of the food value chain
Food tech is reshaping food markets. At times of inflation pressure, disruption of food supply chains caused by the war in Ukraine, and the pandemic, food businesses turn to new technologies. Food tech is also an answer when we ask how to tackle such global problems as food waste, greenhouse gas emissions, and climate change.
#Blog | 03 August 2022
Food waste issue in LATAM and its positioning in a global food value chain
Latin America is invaluable for global food production. Yet it is no stranger to the food waste issue. Latin America accounts for about a quarter of global exports in agricultural and fisheries products. According to the OECD data, 38% of its available area is used for agriculture, out of which 9.5% is devoted to crops and 28.5% to pasture. As Techcrunch author Daniel Cossio writes the agricultural sector is crucial for Latin American livelihoods, contributing to an average of 4.7% of GDP and employing at least 14% of the region’s population.
#Blog | 14 June 2022
Fresh Inset joins Greentown Labs
Fresh Inset has recently joined Greentown Labs, the largest climatetech startup incubator in North America. As a company dedicated to solving food waste issues with cutting-edge technology, we are united with Greentown's community by a common mission: to solve the climate crisis through entrepreneurship and collaboration.
#Blog | 22 April 2022
Earth Day 2022: 10 interesting facts on food waste
The World’s Earth Day has been celebrated annually on April, 22 since 1970. The day is an occasion to promote support for environmental protection. In 2022, the official slogan is #InvestInOurPlanet and it prompts solutions to fight climate change and involves such parties as governments, businesses, and regular citizens to take action.
#Blog | 12 April 2022
Effects of 1-MCP have revolutionized the apple industry. What’s next?
More than 80 million tonnes of apples are produced every year. Many processes that occur during apple ripening, such as softening, yellowing, increased respiration, and aroma production, are closely associated with ethylene. Senescence, the irreversible physiological changes follow ripening. While many of the ripening-associated processes that occur result in providing an acceptable product to the consumer, the goal of the storage operator is to reduce ethylene responses. 1-Methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) has been found to be a significant product that provides a solution to this problem.
#Blog | 10 March 2022
Vidre+ reduces lime fruit quality losses by more than a half
Fresh Inset celebrates International Lime Day by announcing successful trials of its Vidre+ solution with limes, conducted with the top U.S. retailer. The application of Vidre+ reduced fruit quality losses by more than a half, at the same time extending the shelf-life of limes up to more than 8 days.
#Blog | 15 February 2022
Evaluation of Vidre+ (1-MCP) on maturity and quality of pears and apples. Season 2021
Vidre+ is an innovative and easy-to-use delivery system, which provides the advantages of postharvest use of 1-MCP for fruits and vegetables in a sticker format. This article aims to evaluate the efficacy of Vidre+ (1-MCP) applied by different strategies on the maturity and quality of pears and apples grown in the Alto Valle de Rio Negro.
#Blog | 17 January 2022
Vidre+: A Revolutionary Product
In the global produce industry, very few products stand out as revolutionary. That is why we are so proud of Vidre+, our unique and game-changing solution that allows extending shelf-life, enhancing the appearance and quality of fresh produce, and consequently leading to food waste reduction and ultimate consumer experience. Read and learn the story of this groundbreaking innovation.
#Blog | 15 December 2021
Food Waste: Key facts we cannot ignore
Food waste is bad for the planet, costs tonnes of money and resources. So how come still one third of global food production is squandered? Read our blog post to dig into the food wastage issue and get to know some of the solutions.

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