The top-most technology
on the market to extend the freshness
and shelf life of fruit and vegetables

Reduce losses in food supplies, reduce costs and protect the planet.
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Solution for growers, fruit and vegetable producers, suppliers and retailers.

With Vidre+
everyone wins!

Fruit and vegetable producers

Vidre+ reduces the loss in quality of products during post-harvest storage and transport.
  • Fruit and vegetables reach the end customer in their most optimum condition.
  • Products maintain their weight due to minimal water loss.
  • Supply Chain-friendly application of Vidre+ during the packaging process enables faster delivery of products to the distributor. Perfect fit to the ‘Pick, Pack & Ship’ process.
  • With Vidre+ it is possible to significantly extend the storage time of vegetables and fruit prior to shipment to the recipient.

Wholesalers and retailers

Vidre+ maintains the quality of the fruit and vegetables you purchased, allowing you to transport, store and sell higher quality produce for a much longer period of time.
  • Fewer products rejected by buyers due to the poor condition.
  • Reduction of costs due to the decrease of product losses at the stage of transportation, storage, and at the retail level.
  • Satisfied customers that return to make more purchases.
  • Higher resilience to common diseases by improving firmness and general health of fresh produce.


Fresh fruit and vegetables can be kept at home longer before consumption.
  • Less food waste.
  • Real savings for the household budget.
  • Retain nutritional value and excellent taste for longer.

Natural environment

Longer freshness of fruit and vegetables means maximum use of the produced food and less food waste.
  • Saving of water, fuel, and fertilizer used for crop production.
  • Reducing the carbon footprint created during cultivation, transportation and storage.
  • Smaller food losses thanks to the extension of the possible shelf life after harvest.

The simplest available method to protect vegetables and fruit after harvesting

Easy-to-use technology that
makes the World a better place
No need for new invest in:
Cold rooms
Atmosphere regulation
Humidification systems
The application of Vidre+ takes only a few seconds and can be performed at any stage of the supply chain
Do you know that…
Thanks to the use of Vidre+, it became possible to export avocado from Peru to Asia? We help growers and suppliers from all over the world to push the boundaries!

Smart packaging and
active agent stickers

Innovative use of the well-known technology
Proven and safe method.

How does it work? By blocking the binding of ethylene to the receptor sites in plant cells.

Effect: Reduces the effect of ethylene by slowings ripening processes
Innovative technology of releasing the active factor

Gradual, humidity triggered release over time allows dosing of the ethylene blocker from the Vidre+ carriers.
Universal method

Works on most types of vegetables and fruit.
Do you know that…
Vidre+ can be used with returnable, biodegradable and recyclable packaging. This results in another benefit: we get packaging that is both smart and environmentally friendly at the same time.

One solution, multiple types
of fruit and vegetables

100% of the fruit remain green even after 46 days
shelf life prolongation
slowing down the ripening processes
delaying the softening
pulp damage prevention
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Extended freshness for up to 10 days
reduces respiration
slows down weight loss
maintains firmness
protects acidity, flavor, and anti-oxidant content
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Shelf life extended by up to 200%
protects stems and florets against yellowing and rotting
preserves the antioxidants: carotenoids, ascorbic acid, glucosinolates
protects chlorophyll and vitamins
reduces respiration
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Firm and delicious fruit
reducing respiration
maintains firmness
prevents weight loss
protects of stem color
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Firm fruit and better stem quality
protects against weight loss and dehydration
maintains green rachisfirmness improvement
maintains taste
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Green bean
Greener pods and reduced spotting
respiration decrease
slows down lignification processes
preserves the crispness and proper vitamin levels
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Firmer and higher quality fruit
maintains firmness
reducesgray mold (Botrytis)
higher levels of Vitamin C
slows down respiration
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Leafy vegetables
Shelf life of lettuce mixes extended by 50%
delays aging of leaf tissue
protection against wilting
reduces yellowing or rusty spots
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Color and firmness extended
dehydration prevention
maintains firmness and color of the skin
better taste
full nutritional value
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Firm fruit with no spots
protection from softening
maintains vitamin content
decrease in SDA (Sunken Discolored Areas)
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Longer weight maintenance
reduces weight loss
maintains firmness
protects against browning
slows oxidation
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Extended transport and better sales opportunities
protection from softening and cellular breakdown
slows color development
Bolsters natural response to disease
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Better appearance and nutritional value
delaying degradative processes
maintaining high levels of chlorophyll, protein and Vitamin
Slows wrinkling and dehydration
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Extended durability and easy transportation
firmness maintanance
protection against key stresses like frostbite
preventing from browning
protection against calyx separation
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Better control over ripening process from the moment of reddening
protection against softening
maintains taste
reduces respiration
slows necrotic spotting and tissue degradation
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Do you know that…
Depending on the plant species, the use of Vidre+ can extend its shelf life from a few days up to even 2 months.

1/3 of the world's food is wasted. Vidre+ significantly reduces this phenomenon

Why is the Vidre+ technology so effective in the fight against fruit and vegetable waste?
Vidre+ has all the necessary features of ecological solutions that have a real impact on the natural environment around the world.

Easy to use

  • The Vidre+ application is simple and instant - (e.g. putting a sticker on a fruit or placing a product in a package).
  • No need to change anything in the packaging method.


  • Extraordinary value for money for prolonging the freshness of fruits and vegetables

Substantial savings

  • Vidre+ extends the suitability of vegetables and fruit for sale and consumption. This allows for significant cost savings for growers, distributors and consumers.

No capital required

  • It does not require any additional investment in equipment or buildings from fruit and vegetable producers and distributors.

Smart packaging and ethylene blocker stickers are a refreshing breakthrough in providing highly flexible post-harvest protection methods for vegetables and fruits.

So versatile, they can be used by large companies and smaller growers alike.

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Beyond freshness, Vidre+ makes it simple, affordable, flexible and profitable to protect your fruits, vegetables and flowers

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