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Infinite freshness

For years, we have wondered how to extend the freshness of fruits and vegetables and reduce food waste

How did we achieve this? Through innovative technology that allows us to precisely deliver the 1-MCP molecule to the product, which provides protection against ethylene. This is a plant hormone that accelerates aging, which obviously has many negative effects on the freshness of fruits and vegetables. Our technology allows 1-MCP to be widely used to extend the freshness of fruits and vegetables, ultimately preventing food waste throughout the supply chain.

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Reduce food lost, keep the quality and cause no harm to the environment

Growers, Packers, Shippers, and Distributors from LATAM (Argentina, Peru, and Brazil) and SEA (Pakistan) use VIDRE+ are already the part of revolution. Come and be a part of the revolution with us. Please contact us if you would like to test our products.

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We are placed on more than 15 different products at this point

From asparagus to grapes - at this point in time we have developed solutions to extend the life of 15 species of fruit and vegetables. However, we are working intensively to extend this list on a permanent basis.

  • Asparagus Asparag
  • Cherries Cherries
  • Broccoli Broccoli
  • Avocado Avocado
  • Mushrooms Mushrooms
  • Green Peas Green Peas
  • Leaves Veggies Leaves Veggies
  • Pepper Pepper
  • Grapes Grapes
  • Kiwi Kiwi
And more +

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