#Press office | 16 November 2023

Vidre+™ extends mushroom freshness and boosts commercial value

Food tech from Poland has a solution that can retain champignon freshness for 14 days. New trials commissioned by Fresh Inset indicated also that its technology slows down mushroom browning. This advancement may empower the industry to improve profitability by extending the shelf-life of fresh mushrooms. This technology can contribute to the global food waste battle.
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#Press office | 11 September 2023
Interview with CEO of Fresh Inset - Andrzej Wolan
Courtesy of Zespół ING. Interview with CEO of Fresh Inset - Andrzej Wolan (originally in Polish) was published on the website spolecznosc.ing.pl. in June, 2023.
#Press office | 17 August 2023
Blueberries season could be longer thanks to this technology – trials suggest.
Blueberry harvesting is the full swing in Northern Hemisphere. The blue fruits business in both hemispheres may soon have an innovative tool for extending seasonality and reducing food waste. The results of trials conducted on blueberries after using innovative technology with a patented 1-MCP delivery system indicated a slower ripening effect. Treated blueberries kept very good eating quality and firmness for the full 49 days of the test.
#Press office | 27 July 2023
Fresh Inset in the NEWS
In Fresh Inset we are driven by the purpose of battling food waste. Our team is tirelessly working on developing the Vidre+ technology that protects the freshness of fruits and vegetables. Today, we would like to share key highlights from our recent activities & achievements with you.
#Press office | 22 June 2023
Raspberries can last twice as long before going to waste.
After a few days on the shelf, raspberries are likely to join millions of tonnes of produce that are wasted every year. This unnecessary loss of food can be reduced thanks to technology. Food tech driven by the purpose of combating food waste, revealed trial results showing that raspberries treated with its solution can hold good eating quality for 20 days, even doubling the lifespan compared to untreated fruits.
#Press office | 26 April 2023
Revolutionizing the Food Industry: How Fresh Inset is Tackling Global Food Waste
April 25th, 2023 - The European food tech Fresh Inset has joined the global food waste battle. The company is bringing to the table an agile weapon - Vidre+™ stickers that could save the overwhelming amount of over 9 million tonnes of fresh produce annually. Technology provides freshness and shelf-life protection for most fresh fruits, vegetables, and even flowers. Global giants like Janssen PMP have already been testing the solution.

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