Fresh Inset and Janssen PMP, a division of Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, form partnership

Written by Krzysztof Czaplicki
#Blog | 31 January 2023

  • Agreement with Janssen PMP, a division of Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, to evaluate Fresh Inset's 1-MCP(1) pads and labels (Vidre+ technology) for fresh produce storage preservation;
  • Janssen PMP will fund and drive all testing and development work in a defined number of countries.

Fresh Inset and Janssen PMP, a division of Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, one of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) have signed an Evaluation and Standstill Agreement to test and develop Fresh Inset's Vidre+ technology on fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants.

Pursuant to the Agreement, Fresh Inset has granted Janssen PMP the right to test Fresh Inset's Vidre+ technologies for postharvest storage preservation of fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants in certain countries of the world.

The United Nations urges people to cut current food loss levels in half by 2030 to improve global food security and public health. The organization suggests connecting these reductions to climate change targets and using natural resources sustainably. To achieve these aims, they advise the use of innovative new approaches and technology. 

Vidre+ technology provides solutions to extend the shelf life of fresh produce for growers, packers, distributors and retail. It preserves the texture, firmness, taste and appearance of produce during storage, transportation and retail display with the use of an innovative delivery system that provides 1-MCP post-harvest freshness protection for fruits and vegetables in a simple-to-use sticker format. Vidre + provides growers, distributors, packers and retailers flexibility and ease of use freshness technology that allows them to deliver "just harvested" freshness on a year-round basis and enables retailers to increase customer satisfaction with fresh, high-quality produce.

"Being able to apply 1-MCP in an innovative way at a small scale through a pad or a sticker brings additional flexibility to packers, traders, retailers and ultimately consumers. The huge benefits of applying 1-MCP on fruits, vegetables and ornamentals are well known and need no further explanation. In addition,, the Vidre+ technology perfectly complements our 1-MCP technology marketed under the FYSIUM brand", said Geoffroy de Chabot-Tramecourt, Director R&D and Business Development at Janssen PMP.

"Vidre+ technology performance is now well proven by a large number of trials performed all over the world. We are very excited to work with Janssen PMP as they bring more than 50 years of relevant market experience. We are convinced that working together to further develop Vidre+ in the marketplace will be a huge benefit for our future",  Fresh Inset CEO Andrzej Wolan remarked.

(1)  1-MCP: 1 MethylCycloPropane

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