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Written by Freshinset
#Press office | 27 July 2023

In Fresh Inset we are driven by the purpose of battling food waste. Our team is tirelessly working on developing the Vidre+ technology that protects the freshness of fruits and vegetables. Today, we would like to share key highlights from our recent activities & achievements with you.

Raspberries Can Last Twice as Long Before Going to Waste

Trials commissioned by Fresh Inset led in Poland, by Dorota Wichrowska, Ph.D., from the University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz have demonstrated the impact of Vidre+ technology on raspberries. These exciting findings drew attention of the international food media. Trials results have been mentioned in international media such us: - link to the article - link to the article - link to the article

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As our CTO, Tim Malefyt concluded in the press release - The bottom line here is that you can easily change a box, carton, clamshell, etc. from just a package into a smart freshness protection system - and you do not need a sealed environment or qualified staff. Recent raspberry trial results are exciting. The list of crops that we can protect with our technology is even longer.

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Eagle of Innovation has landed

In May, Fresh Inset was recognized as an Eagle of Innovation by Rzeczpospolita (the most popular and influential Polish business daily). Fresh Inset was awarded the main prize in the category of "start-up with potential Poland-World". The company's activities were summarized in an article here (PL version).

That's not all. Shortly after that Fresh Inset has come into the spotlight again! The Polish edition of Forbes released the ranking of "Challenger brands: Polish companies that change the world". Forbes Poland presented a report with a list of Polish companies that have a positive impact on global development. In this publication, Fresh Inset was recognized as the 3rd company on the list of Polish challengers whose activities shape trends in their respective sectors.

Stop Food Waste Day

As at the end of April, we celebrated Stop Food Waste Day. In the article "Industry Calls for Meaningful Change in Fighting Food Waste", Elizabeth Green from, sheds light on the opinions shared by opinion leaders and the diverse range of solutions developed to tackle global food waste problem.

Fresh Inset's Vidre+ technology - according to the company's estimations could save - over 9 million metric tons of fresh produce annually. A quote by our CEO, Andrzej Wolan, emphasized the ease of usage Vidre+ solution "All you need is a simple sticker placed on the packaging or the product itself".

You may read more, in the press release: Revolutionizing the Food Industry: How Fresh Inset is Tackling Global Food Waste