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#Press office | 30 October 2023

In recent months, the Fresh Inset efforts in advancing the Vidre+™ technology have once again garnered the attention of the media worldwide. Fresh Inset is driven by the purpose of combating food wastage with technology has been recognized by media around the globe. Here is a summary of recent noteworthy updates. 

Blueberries season could be longer thanks to Vidre+™ technology 

The results of trials conducted by Fresh Inset led in Poland, by Dorota Wichrowska, Ph.D., from the University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz on blueberries after using Vidre+™  technology indicated a slower ripening effect. Treated blueberries kept very good eating quality and firmness for the full 49 days of the test. Trials results have been covered by the media around the world and translated into several languages. Here are some examples: 

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In this article Chief Technology Officer, Tim Malefyt says that - The active ingredient of Vidre+™ stickers (1-MCP) is not a fungicide and therefore does not directly affect grey mould (Botrytis cinerea). Vidre+™ protects fruit firmness and quality and as a result, researchers have observed reduced grey mould growth on berries protected by Vidre+™.

Sustainability Challenges in Food Packaging

Fresh Inset was also highlighted in an article in the renowned Polish business daily Puls Biznesu, shedding light on the difficulties food producers encounter with environmentally sustainable packaging. The article emphasizes that the technology developed by Fresh Inset can contribute to the advancement of this market, as Vidre+™ can be easily integrated into any smart packaging. Vidre+™ sticker can be placed on the packaging or the product itself.

Puls Biznesu – Full article HERE

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Fresh Inset's Avocado Research Program in Peru

Fresh Inset have been carrying out of avocado research program in Peru since 2021, in coordination with 3 companies, positioned in the TOP 10 exporters and a Postharvest Laboratory of the Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina. Research results showed the positive impact of our Vidre+™ in combating avocado aging. This news did not go unnoticed by one of the most renowned Peruvian agriculture trade magazine Redagricola. It is a significant news for Peru avocado exporters. Peru stands as one of global leaders in avocado exports and soon will have the opportunity to employ the Fresh Inset technology reducing costs for nearby shipments and opening new markets for export.

Redagricola – Full article HERE

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Source: Redagricola

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