Fresh Inset joins Greentown Labs

Written by Krzysztof Czaplicki
#Blog | 14 June 2022

Fresh Inset has recently joined Greentown Labs, the largest climatetech startup incubator in North America. As a company dedicated to solving food waste issues with cutting-edge technology, we are united with Greentown's community by a common mission. To solve the climate crisis through entrepreneurship and collaboration.

Shared values

In Fresh Inset we believe that food waste is one of the key challenges for humanity these days. With our game-changing technology that allows fresh produce to have a longer shelf-life, appear better and protect the nutrition value of fresh produce, we are able to fight food waste at the top 4 links of the food value chain.

Rooted in ESG

Fresh Inset Vidre+ technology has a big impact on food waste issues. It significantly reduces spoilage, and thus also cuts down on the waste of water and energy used to produce crops that never get consumed. Fresh Inset has a broad ESG mission: it is climate positive, people positive, and indirectly very land-positive. Thanks to its solutions less land is needed to be cultivated as well as allows for the transport of crops at higher temperatures, reducing energy bills across the logistics chain. Only in Europe, Vidre+ products can limit food waste which translates into a potential yearly saving of 25 Gt of CO2 and over 8 km3 of water - which is how much is used annually by 11.5 mln Europeans.

Full suite of revolutionary products

Fresh Inset is a technological platform with a full suite of products. Apart from the easy-to-use sticker format used in smart packaging of fresh produce, the company develops a range of foil-based products for flexible packaging of vegetables, fruits, and even flowers. With such a wide range of application options and dosing, the solution facilitates the logistics and packaging aspects of different crops and produce delivery, and helps preserve appearance and freshness throughout the whole supply chain: from a producer or grower to packer or distributor up to the end-user, fighting food waste at the same time.

Fresh Inset has developed and patented a timed and gradual release mechanism for 1-MCP providing the industry with game-changing possibilities for freshness protection in many new markets. This technology can be used in many formats including labels & stickers and foils. 

Vidre+ is the breakthrough 2nd generation of 1-MCP technology by which the benefits of produce preservation by mitigation of Ethylene negative effects are expanded exponentially. Vidre+ brings a time control and gradual release that removes the need for a 24 hs application in a sealed room. Presented as coated stickers and foils enable the 1-MCP to use all produce that is known to respond but has not received the benefit due to the application limitations of 1st generation of 1-MCP products.

Strengthened presence in the U.S.

"Being a part of the Greentown Labs community strengthens our presence in the U.S. market. Through our partnership with Greentown Labs, we intend to tighten our relations with climate tech startups, corporate partners, and renowned mentors that form the incubator's thriving community. We are also looking forward to engaging with U.S. companies interested in pre-commercial trials on the efficacy of Vidre+ on high-value crops with our game-changing technology" - says Tim Malefyt, Fresh Inset's CTO and an expert on 1-MCP technology.

While Fresh Inset's technology is undergoing the registration process in the U.S., Brazil, Peru, and Chile, it has already been patented in 52 other countries which are major producer and consumer markets. 

"We are proud to welcome Fresh Inset as a member of Greentown Labs and support them as they expand into the United States. They come to us with a brilliant team and a compelling technology that has the potential to meaningfully address the food waste challenge we face. Despite the enormity of the challenge of climate change, it is the opportunity to work with talented folks like the Fresh Inset team that keep us enthusiastically optimistic that it is a challenge we will overcome" - says Ryan Dings, Greentown Labs' Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel.

With its solutions, Fresh Inset intends to be at the forefront of the fight for a better tomorrow. These fundamentals are shared with the Greentown Labs community and were the key reasons for Fresh Inset to join this biggest climatetech startup incubator in North America this year.

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