Impact of Vidre+™ - key highlights of 2023

Written by Krzysztof Czaplicki
#Blog | 21 December 2023

At Fresh Inset, we are driven to fight food waste and preserve produce freshness with Vidre+™ technology. In 2023, we revealed several findings that delivered promising results on how Vidre+™ technology impacts various kinds of fresh produce. Let's encapsulate them briefly.

Extending the Shelf-Life of Tomatoes

At the beginning of the year, Fresh Inset unveiled the results of trials conducted with Vidre+™ technology on tomatoes. The findings showed that Vidre+™ extended tomato shelf life by 4-8 days longer than untreated samples. This allows for greater tomato storage and distribution flexibility while ensuring freshness for an extended period. 

The promising research results have encouraged the undertaking of a series of additional studies, thereby confirming the effectiveness of Vidre+™ in prolonging the freshness of various fruits and vegetables.

Blueberries season could be longer

After researching tomatoes, it was time to shift focus to fruits. In March, Fresh Inset published the trial results using Vidre+™ stickers equipped with a patented 1-MCP delivery system on blueberries. 

Research results showed that with Vidre+™ technology, we can significantly extend the freshness of blueberries and prolong the season for these fruits. Blueberries with Vidre+™ maintained excellent eating quality throughout the 35 days of the experiment while untreated fruits began to soften after 21 days.

Raspberry can last twice as long before going to waste

As summer was slowly approaching, it was the perfect time to shift focus to another seasonal fruit. In April, Fresh Inset published the results of trials conducted on raspberries. Trials revealed that Vidre+™ reduces weight loss, preserves the bright red fresh appearance of raspberries over time, and slows down raspberry softening, leading to an extended shelf life that maintains good firmness and quality for up to 20 days of storage. These research findings are promising for raspberry producers.