Vidre+ reduces lime fruit quality losses by more than a half

Written by Alfredo Malarin
#Blog | 10 March 2022

Fresh Inset celebrates International Lime Day by announcing successful trials of its Vidre+ solution with limes, conducted with the top U.S. retailer. The application of Vidre+ reduced fruit quality losses by more than a half, at the same time extending the shelf-life of limes up to more than 8 days.

Fresh Inset, the provider of Vidre+, a revolutionary solution for shelf-life extension, better appearance and quality of fresh produce, fighting food waste, has successfully finished shipping box trials with Peru limes with top U.S. retailer. The test results were striking - the application of Vidre+ stickers extended the shelf life of limes up to more than 8 days by making the fruits less prone to yellowing.

Extraordinary results

The aim of the test was to evaluate the lime supply chain from Peru to the USA. Vidre+ stickers were placed on the inside of the lime box. The shipping conditions were simulated for 25 days, with a shelf life at 20∘C. The results of the test were extraordinary - thanks only to the application of Vidre+ stickers, without any other changes to the supply chain conditions, the fruit rejection rate by retail quality control was reduced by more than a half. This means significant savings for the growers and the retailer.

Control vs. V+ treated product after 25 days of cold storage and 8 days shelf life

Benefits for the retailers and consumers

The chart below shows the data corresponding to 60 randomly selected limes. After 25 days of storage and 8 days on the shelf, among the limes treated with Vidre+, as many as 70% were dark green, 18% green and only 12% went yellow. In comparison, in the group of limes without Vidre+ protection, only 28% stayed dark green, 25% green, and 47% became yellow. This shows the effectiveness of the Vidre+ solution to enhance the shelf life, quality, and appearance of limes.

With 8 days longer shelf life, better color characteristics, and in fact better nutritional properties, the benefits of Vidre+ extend to retailers and, as well as a better customer experience in the end.

A revolutionary solution

Fresh Inset's Vidre+ is a patented system for allowing 1-MCP to be gradually released within the packaging itself over a 30 hours period via a simple-to-use range of products. With novel ease of use and flexibility of application, the use of 1-MCP greatly expands to benefit many types of produce, apart from the limes mentioned, these are: avocado, blueberry, broccoli, cherry,  flowers, table grapes, green beans, kiwifruit, lettuce, limes, lychee, mango, melon, papaya, pepper, tomato etc.

What makes Vidre+ unique is that there is not a required storage time in a sealed room for 12- 24 hours. Therefore, packers using Vidre+ can continue in their normal handling process and 1-MCP treatment is done "in the background" saving 12-24 hours of handling time - produce can be shipped immediately.

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