Vidre+TM significantly slows down raspberry ripening

Written by Tim Malefyt
#Blog | 17 April 2023

Raspberries are a popular fruit that are enjoyed around the world. One of the biggest challenges facing the raspberry market is the perishable nature of this crop, which can make it difficult to transport and deliver high quality berries to the consumer. With a growing demand for fresh and high-quality produce, farmers and producers are always looking for ways to extend the shelf life of raspberries. Fortunately, our recent pioneering research has shown that using Vidre+TM technology significantly protects raspberry freshness, quality and vitamin content, resulting in a longer shelf life and less food waste.

The research commissioned by Fresh Inset, was conducted by a seasoned team of scientists led by Dorota Wichrowska, PhD from the University of Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz, Poland. The study aimed to evaluate the effects of Vidre+TM technology on the post-harvest quality and shelf life of raspberries.


Freshly harvested raspberries of the Polana variety were placed in clamshells, which is a standard practice in the marketplace. Vidre+TM stickers were applied inside the clamshell packaging where all the "magic" happened with a timed and gradual release of active ingredients. After 24 hours, all the clamshells were moved into a cold storage chamber.

The scientists examined the weight loss, quality, and firmness of the fruits for over 20 days.


The use of Vidre+TM stickers had a significant impact on the post-harvest quality and shelf life of raspberries. Here are the key takeaways from the study:

Weight loss key takeaways:

  • Raspberries protected with Vidre+TM stickers had lower weight loss than untreated fruits. Throughout the test, protected fruits lost only ½ of the weight lost by the untreated fruit.
  • ​​Maintaining the weight of fruits during transport and storage is a positive sign for fresh produce business, as it provides firmer berries of high quality for a longer time period. This can help businesses maintain customer satisfaction and increase their profits by minimizing losses over the supply chain.

Fruit firmness key takeaways:

  • Vidre+™  protected raspberries had better firmness than the untreated fruits.
  • The treated fruits remained firm during the entire storage period, while the untreated ones began to soften after 4 days, and after 10 days this process accelerated considerably.
  • Adopting Vidre+™ technology for raspberries offers benefits to retailers and consumers by providing longer-lasting, higher-quality fruits, thereby reducing food waste and contributing to a more sustainable food supply chain. Maintaining quality encourages more consumption of healthier fruits and better customer satisfaction.

Fruit quality key takeaways:

  • Vidre+™ treated raspberries maintained good eating quality for 20 days, doubling the shelf life compared to untreated fruits, which lost their quality after 10 days.
  • Raspberries treated with Vidre+™ had significantly higher antioxidant content, preserving Vitamin C and total polyphenols better than untreated berries.
  • Optimal treatment with 1-MCP resulted in the highest anthocyanin concentration and the least decrease in antioxidant capacity, contributing to better overall fruit quality.
  • These findings highlight the potential for improved customer satisfaction, reduced food waste, and competitive advantages for businesses adopting Vidre+™ technology.

The use of Vidre+™ stickers has several benefits for the raspberry industry. By slowing down the ripening process, the stickers can extend the shelf life of raspberries and provide fresher produce over longer supply chain routes. Vidre+™ technology can also help farmers and producers meet the growing demand for fresh, high-quality raspberries while reducing waste and improving profitability.


The recent research conducted by Dorota Wichrowska, Ph.D. and her team has shown that using Vidre+™ stickers can significantly improve raspberries' post-harvest quality and shelf life. 

The study revealed that Vidre+™ positively maintains good firmness and quality even after 20 days of storage, as shown in the charts.

By providing longer shelf life and better quality, the stickers can help farmers and producers meet the growing demand for fresh, high-quality raspberries while reducing waste and improving profitability.

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