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#Press office | 23 January 2024

Driven by the purpose of combating food waste with technology, Fresh Inset's efforts have earned widespread recognition. Discover how Fresh Inset's strides in advancing Vidre+™ technology are capturing global attention.

Vidre+™ stickers impact on mushrooms

Recent research results demonstrated the effectiveness of Vidre+™ technology in preserving mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) quality. 

Sliced mushrooms treated with Vidre+™ 1-MCP stickers maintained commercial value for 14 days, and whole mushrooms for 20 days post-harvest. Vidre+™ stickers enhanced firmness retention, reduced weight loss, and minimized vitamin C changes compared to untreated mushrooms.

As our  CTO, Tim Malefyt mentioned in the press release – „A recent university study showed the powers of our technology in maintaining the quality of sliced mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus) during storage. The advantages of employing timed and gradual 1-MCP-release Vidre+™ stickers encompass a reduction in weight loss, safeguarding against browning throughout shelf life, preservation of firmness, and protection of Vitamin C content that all add up to enhanced overall shelf life quality".

International media have noticed the outcomes of the trials.

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More interesting examples:

Vidre+™ Technology in Packaging Innovation

The end of last year brought another noteworthy article in El Empaque + Conversión, a trade publication based in Mexico - covering an insightful LinkedIn review about the latest advancements in the packaging industry. The review highlighted Vidre+™ technology and its possible role in setting new benchmarks for the smart packaging sector. El Empaque + Conversión underscored advanced technologies' growing importance and impact in revolutionizing packaging standards and practices. 

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Vidre+™ and Global Food Solutions: CEO Andrzej Wolan's Insight

The final days of 2023 have brought a super insightful video with our CEO, Andrzej Wolan, at the Polish YouTube channel During 20 minutes interview our CEO pictured the Vidre+™ technology story and explained how it could play a role in preventing the ripening processes of fruits and vegetables and the global food waste battle.

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