What we do is provide technologies for extending the freshness of fruit and vegetables after harvest

We implement solutions that minimize food waste and allow people around the world to enjoy nutritious vegetables and fruit for longer.
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world's food production is wasted
fruit and vegetables produced go bad during storage, transportation, sales and at home, before they are consumed.

Our multi-faceted actions significantly contribute to the reduction of this problem.

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keeps products fresh
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Increasing the availability of technologies that extend the shelf life of fruit and vegetables.

Producers and suppliers of vegetables and fruit around the world should have access to the easiest-to-use methods to extend the freshness of fruit and vegetables - without expensive and energy-consuming infrastructure or significant investment expenses.

Improving effectiveness of post-harvest protection for fruit and vegetables

The simplicity and low cost of FreshInset's technologies go hand in hand with their higher effectiveness compared to other methods.

Our approach in this matter leaves no room for compromise.

Reducing the cost of preserving fruit and vegetable freshness

Technologies for extending the freshness of fruit and vegetables must constitute the smallest percentage of the entire supply costs.

This allows for their widespread use across the markets.

Making it easier for consumers to access nutritious products

Fresh Inset technologies are developed to not only keep their great appearance, but also the full nutritional value of the fruit and vegetables – for as long as possible.
Effect: Reducing food waste worldwide

Our team

Fresh Inset is the company where science meets business and that combination allows the creation of something much bigger. Our success is based on knowledge, innovation, and our ability to grow the company and introduce new products to the global market.
Responsible for R&D project supervision, scientific and strategic advisory and management. A specialist in the field of organic chemistry, expert in the synthesis of active pharmaceutical and agrochemical substances (including 1-MCP).

Andrzej Wolan, PhD
CEO of Fresh Inset S.A. - Co-founder
Experienced manager with a successful track record in business modelling and value building (incl. IP). Expert in the private sector development as a Private Sector Liaison Officer for the World Bank Group (PSLO Network).

Krzysztof Czaplicki
COO of Fresh Inset S.A. - Co-founder
An expert in developing international business opportunities and projects for 1-MCP 1st gen global leader. Led seed and agrichemical projects for BASF in many of the major crop markets around the world.

Tim Malefyt PhD
Global Director for R&D
in international Markets of Fresh Inset S.A.
Agronomist, with a MS degree, experienced in sales, R&D, regulatory and stewardship of plant protection products. United Nations Technical Advisor for the reduction of pesticide impact the Andean Region.

Alfred Malarin
Latam Biz Dev & Regulatory of Fresh Inset S.A.
Agronomic Engineer specialized in the AgChem industry with extensive experience in strategic planning and commercial plans execution. Specializes in introducing new products to market.

Juan llauro
Consulting Director of Fresh Inset S.A.
Patent author covering the new methods of 1-MCP application. Responsible for testing and research work scheduled to for entrusted projects.

Author of a patent covering the new metods of 1-MCP application. Responsible for tests and schedules for research work carried out in the entrusted project, gathers data, compiels them, and maintains documentation.

Lula Czajkowska
Project Manager of Fresh Inset S.A.
Professional with deep international experience, working for global North American multinational companies in enhancing commercial development of 1-MCP technology in the Latin American region.

Jeferson Nunes
Seasoned manager at Fresh Inset, responsible for Investors Relations, financial, and business development strategy. A former KPMG manager with experience in general audit (PCA) and M&A transaction services. Start-up builder with track record of successful exits to strategic investors.

Maciej Witkowski
CFO of Fresh Inset S.A.

Beyond freshness, Vidre+ makes it simple, affordable, flexible and profitable to protect your fruits, vegetables and flowers

Beyond Freshness... Fresh Inset.

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