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#Blog | 27 May 2024

We're pleased to share some highlights that gained international attention:

  • International media have highlighted the Vidre+™ trial results on leafy greens.

Vidre+™ extends leafy green shelf life 

In the first quarter of 2024, we presented the research results of Vidre+™ on leafy greens. Research results have shown that Vidre+™ stickers extend the shelf life of arugula up to 24 days. 

“The technology we developed can address the challenge of leafy greens' perishability. We are excited to share the results of recent studies that showed how our Vidre+™ 1-MCP stickers impacted leafy greens. For example, the regular spinach began yellowing after just 3 days, while the Vidre+™ treated samples showed only minor yellowing after 10 days.” — explained our CTO, Tim Malefyt in the press release.


The research results have been quoted by several international media outlets like and mentioned in the industry podcast. 

You can watch it HERE

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Fresh Inset in the FoodTech 500

Another news came in February when Fresh Inset was recognized as one of the innovative companies in the 2023 FoodTech 500 list by Forward Fooding, highlighting leaders in the food tech sector.

The FoodTech 500, showcasing top AgriFoodTech startups and scale-ups from over 1,500 applicants in 50+ countries, ranks companies based on business scale, digital presence, and sustainability commitment.

 „This nomination is the culmination of relentless efforts by the entire Fresh Inset team, dedicated to advancing Vidre+™ technology. Our commitment to this cutting-edge technology has been driven by the mission to combat food waste while preserving the freshness and quality of fruits and vegetables”. - COO, Krzysztof Czaplicki commented.

You can find more about FoodTech 500 on our blog post HERE

Stop Food Waste Day 2024

The whole world celebrated Stop Food Waste Day on April 24th. It was a great opportunity to reflect more on the food waste problem. Our CTO, Tim Malefyt discussed the impact of Vidre+™ technology in tackling food waste with

In the interview, Tim mentioned that: “Fresh Inset focuses on the stages along the supply chain and focuses our effort with Vidre+™ to prevent waste” and „The application of Vidre+ can have a place at every stage of the supply chain. It can be used right after harvest as well as during transport or storage before sale. It gives an extra few to several dozen days to freshly harvested produce, keeps its quality and nutritional value, and remains fit for the market.”

You can find the full article HERE


Food Tech Live Webinar in Japan

April took us all to Japan, where we had the opportunity to share our technology insights with the Japanese food tech industry during the webinar organized by the team.


The webinar started by our COO, Krzysztof Czaplicki, resonated with the Japanese food-tech industry and attracted many great guests. During the one-hour presentation, our COO demonstrated how Vidre+™ technology works and shared the latest research results on fruits, vegetables, and flowers. 

The full video recording is available after registration HERE

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