Fresh Inset secures a spot in the FoodTech 500

Written by Freshinset
#Blog | 29 February 2024

Fresh Inset has been named among the innovative companies in the 2023 FoodTech 500 list by Forward Fooding, showcasing leaders from the food tech sector. This accolade is a tribute to the entire Fresh Inset team which is developing smart technology that may have significant contributions to tackling global food waste. Fresh Inset is driven by the purpose of battling food waste with Vidre+™ technology that protects the freshness & quality of fruits and vegetables.

Vidre+™ in combating food waste

Food waste occurs at every stage of the supply chain, from the initial production to processing, transport, storage, distribution, and ultimately consumer use. According to data from the United Nations Environmental Programme, 570 million tonnes of food are wasted every year.

In response to this challenge, Fresh Inset is developing Vidre+™ solutions that improve quality, nutrition values, appearance, and extend the shelf life of fresh produce. This year’s FoodTech 500 recognized Fresh Inset’s innovative technology as well as its contributions to reducing food waste. Fresh Inset stood out among over 1,500 contenders from over 50 countries in the competition. This recognition underscores the company's commitment to enhancing food technology and addressing the critical issue of food waste.

Team effort

„This nomination is the culmination of relentless efforts by the entire Fresh Inset team, dedicated to advancing Vidre+™ technology. Our commitment to this cutting-edge technology has been driven by the mission to combat food waste while preserving the freshness and quality of fruits and vegetables” - says Krzysztof Czaplicki, Co-founder and COO of Fresh Inset.

Global solution

The Vidre+™ technology offers an innovative solution to reduce food waste by preserving fruits and vegetables through stickers that counteract ethylene gas effects and prolong freshness without complex procedures. These stickers release 1-MCP, enhancing storage efficiency and eliminating the need for traditional, time-consuming preservation methods. With its deployment in Argentina and pending approval in other major markets including the Americas, Europe, and Africa. Vidre+™ exemplifies a cost-effective, user-friendly solution to food wastage challenges

About FoodTech 500 

The FoodTech 500 features a selection of global AgriFoodTech startups and scale-ups, employing a distinctive methodology to evaluate and rank them according to their business scale, digital presence, and commitment to sustainability. This prestigious list is compiled from a pool of over 1,500 applicants spanning more than 50 countries, highlighting the exceptional array of entrepreneurs recognized for their innovative contributions to the food-related industry.

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