International Lime Day: extend the shelf-life of limes with Vidre+

Written by Alfredo Malarin
#Blog | 10 March 2023

March 10th is International Lime Day. No matter if you are a lime grower, a retailer selling limes or a customer who loves those zesty fruits, the good news is that with our Vidre+ you can enjoy your best quality limes for a longer time. The trials that we successfully conducted with one of the U.S. top retailers showed that the application of Vidre+ technology extended the shelf life of limes up to more than 8 days by making the fruits less prone to yellowing. Read more about the test results in our blog article Vidre+ reduces lime fruit quality losses by more than a half.

5 Zesty Ways to Use Limes That You Haven't Tried Yet!

1. Lime Salt - The Perfect Seasoning

Looking to add a little zing to your dishes? Try making your own lime salt! Simply combine lime zest and salt in a food processor or mortar and pestle, and use it to season your fish, chicken, or veggies. This flavorful salt will elevate your cooking game and impress your dinner guests.

2. Limeade Ice Cubes - A Refreshing Twist

Cool off on a hot day with limeade ice cubes! Make your own limeade, pour it into ice cube trays, and freeze. These lime-infused ice cubes are perfect for adding a refreshing twist to your water, cocktails, or mocktails.

3. Lime and coconut body scrub

Speaking of scrubs, why not combine lime and coconut to make a luxurious body scrub? The coconut oil will hydrate and nourish your skin, while the lime will provide a refreshing scent.

4. Lime pickles

Pickle limes in vinegar, salt, and spices for a tangy and salty snack. These pickles can be eaten on their own or used to add a unique flavor to salads and sandwiches.

5. Lime vinaigrette

Combine lime juice, honey, Dijon mustard, and olive oil to create a tangy and sweet vinaigrette that pairs well with salads, roasted vegetables, and grilled meats.

Today, take the time to appreciate the unique flavor and versatility of limes. And we at Fresh Inset will make sure the shelf-life of limes is extended and their quality and nutritional value is kept at its best.

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