A total game changer in prolonging the freshness of fruit and vegetables after harvesting.Precise, extended and gradualeffect on harvested crops.

The patented Vidre+ technology is an innovative way to block ethylene receptors. The easy-to-use sticker allows fruit and vegetables to be exposed to the active agent for up to 30 hours, without the need for airtight rooms and cold rooms.
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VIDRE+ application

The Vidre+ sticker is placed inside the package or directly on the vegetables or fruit.
Inside the package, when the humidity exceeds 85%, the sticker begins to release the active agent within 2-3 hours
Over the next 24 hours, the active agent is gradually released
After 48 hours, there is no residue of the active agent.

The superiority of Vidre+ over other protective methods

No investments in expensive infrastructure needed
The use of Vidre+ does not require cold rooms, airtight rooms, atmosphere regulation or humidification systems.
Fast and the simplest application method on the market
The ethylene blocker is released from a sticker which is placed in the packaging, on a fruit or vegetable, or via a functional barcode sticker within the package
Application at every stage of the supply chain
Vidre+ can be used right after harvest as well as during transport or storage prior to sale. Stickers can be placed by distributors or producers of fruit and vegetables.
Universal method
The technology works with most types of fruit and vegetables, also the crop species never treated with active ingredient before.
Efficiency through innovation
An innovative method of gradual, time-released and precise dosing of the protective measure. This allows a significant extension of the freshness of products compared to other methods of post-harvest protection.
Low cost of use
The cost of prolonging the freshness of fruit and vegetables amounts to a small fraction of the delivery price.

The implementation of Vidre+ does not
require any changes to production,
logistics or sales.

See how simple it is
  • 1 sticker for each package
  • Effective blocking of the ethylene receptors
  • Gradual release of the active agent over a long period of time
  • No traces of the active agent at the stage of selling the product

One solution, multiple types
of fruit and vegetables

100% of the fruit remain green even after 46 days
shelf life prolongation
slowing down the ripening processes
delaying the softening
pulp damage prevention
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Extended freshness for up to 10 days
reduces respiration
slows down weight loss
maintains firmness
protects acidity, flavor, and anti-oxidant content
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Shelf life extended by up to 200%
protects stems and florets against yellowing and rotting
preserves the antioxidants: carotenoids, ascorbic acid, glucosinolates
protects chlorophyll and vitamins
reduces respiration
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Firm and delicious fruit
reducing respiration
maintains firmness
prevents weight loss
protects of stem color
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Firm fruit and better stem quality
protects against weight loss and dehydration
maintains green rachisfirmness improvement
maintains taste
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Green bean
Greener pods and reduced spotting
respiration decrease
slows down lignification processes
preserves the crispness and proper vitamin levels
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Firmer and higher quality fruit
maintains firmness
reducesgray mold (Botrytis)
higher levels of Vitamin C
slows down respiration
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Leafy vegetables
Shelf life of lettuce mixes extended by 50%
delays aging of leaf tissue
protection against wilting
reduces yellowing or rusty spots
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Color and firmness extended
dehydration prevention
maintains firmness and color of the skin
better taste
full nutritional value
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Firm fruit with no spots
protection from softening
maintains vitamin content
decrease in SDA (Sunken Discolored Areas)
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Longer weight maintenance
reduces weight loss
maintains firmness
protects against browning
slows oxidation
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Extended transport and better sales opportunities
protection from softening and cellular breakdown
slows color development
Bolsters natural response to disease
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Better appearance and nutritional value
delaying degradative processes
maintaining high levels of chlorophyll, protein and Vitamin
Slows wrinkling and dehydration
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Extended durability and easy transportation
firmness maintanance
protection against key stresses like frostbite
preventing from browning
protection against calyx separation
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Better control over ripening process from the moment of reddening
protection against softening
maintains taste
reduces respiration
slows necrotic spotting and tissue degradation
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Unlock greater freshness of fruit and vegetables along with cost efficiency

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