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Protect and preserve cut flowers and potted plants with Vidre+ TM

One simple to use sticker keeps flowers fresher throughout the supply chain.
The Beauty of Vidre+ TM Protection
Simply applying one Vidre+ TM sticker per plant or carton box will shield flowers from the detrimental effects of ethylene, such as stem browning, premature bud opening and wilting.

Vidre+ TM stickers are coated with humidity-activated 1-MCP, a safe molecule that binds to ethylene receptors so that flowers can’t detect it and will retain their freshness.

When exposed to high humidity within packaging, Vidre+ TM gradually releases the active ingredient preserving freshness and quality throughout shipping, storage, at retail and in consumers’ homes.

Vidre+ TM stickers can be used at any stage of the supply chain to protect flowers from the damaging effects of ethylene – from harvest to the consumer.
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Experience the Vidre+ TM Difference
Prolonged vitality
  • Extended petal longevity
  • Enhanced color retention
  • Reduced bud and leaf drop
  • Delayed flower opening and wilting
  • Stronger stems
  • More flowers/enhanced blooming
  • Higher profit
  • Greater consumer satisfaction – extended vase life after packaging is removed
Operational efficiency
  • Simple sticker application
  • No need for airtight facility
  • Seamless implementation - combine postharvest protection with regular stickers
  • Dosing flexibility for various packaging sizes
  • Safe to handle; safe for flowers
  • No residue or disposal issues
  • Stickers are easily shipped and stored without requiring any special conditions
Environmental kindness
  • Less waste
  • Alternative to silver-based products
  • Reduced carbon footprint (less need for air freight)
  • No residue after the treatment
Proven Performance by Variety
  • Prolonged petal longevity
  • Enhanced color retention
  • Reduced wilting
  • Stronger stems
  • More flowers/ enhanced blooming
See Trial Results
  • Prolonged petal longevity
  • Enhanced color retention
  • Reduced wilting
  • Stronger stems
  • Reduced premature flower drop and bud blast
  • Less discoloration and distortion
  • Extended lifespan
  • Eco-friendly alternative to silver - based products
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Experience the Vidre+ TM Difference
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Try Vidre+ TM
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Beyond freshness, Vidre+ makes it simple, affordable, flexible and profitable to protect your fruits, vegetables and flowers

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